Community First Leadership

   I am 45 years old, born on a dairy farm in Lancaster, Pa. I moved to Chambersburg, New Jersey in the second grade. I spent three years there and then moved to Washington Crossing. Since 1985 I have primarily remained in Washington Crossing and Newtown. I met my wife, Jennifer, an Oklahoma native, on September 11 and spent 13 years commuting to and from Tulsa, Oklahoma on weekends. Our oldest son Braden is a junior at Oklahoma State. Our daughter, Addison is a freshman at Council Rock North, and our youngest, Cooper is in his first year at Newtown middle. 

   As a third-generation auctioneer, both my grandfathers bought and sold livestock and were in the auction profession. My father‘s, father, Odie Adcock was one of the pioneers of the auto auction industry. My father, brother, and I are all world champion, automobile auctioneers. I have specialized in automobile and charity auctions for over 20 years.

  For the last 5 years I have enjoyed serving our community from coaching youth baseball and football to most recently serving as a member of the Historical & Architectural Review Board (HARB) for Newtown Borough. Through my experience of owning my own business, I understand the hard work, capital & commitment it takes to operate. A common sense approach from your elected officials is imperative.    


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