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May 18, 2020

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May 18, 2020

Warren and Wolf Veto Bucks!

While Perry Warren and Gov. Wolf are congratulating themselves on

re-opening the real-estate industry (which the governor hastily

closed), the true story is, unfortunately, a sad 

partisan game the Governor

has been playing with the lives of hardworking Pennsylvanians.


On April 16th, Representative Todd Polinchock introduced legislation,

HB 2412, that would have put over 4,000 real estate professionals in

Bucks County, and the Commonwealth, back to work. The legislation was

simple – allow real estate business to continue under the same

guidelines we now experience every day at the grocery store or the

drive-thru. In record time, Rep. Polinchock had this bill considered

and passed in both Houses, arriving on the governor’s desk on May

18th. The bill encountered much opposition from House Democrats, such as Perry Warren who voted “No” on this common sense legislation, that

would prefer band-aid and patchwork fixes to the large-scale

problem of the economy grinding to a halt.


This bill addressed the issues that dozens of industries are being crushed under the hasty and one-size-fits-all approach from the Wolf Administration and his supporters in the Assembly. And that is why the Governor vetoed the legislation May 19th, only to sign an executive order that accomplishes the same goals that Representative Polinchock had pursued in the Assembly.

Being Republican was all Warren and Wolf needed to know to oppose the legislation. Warren voted “no” on several amendments that called for CDC compliance among the necessary legal and real estate services, wanting to keep as many people out of work as possible (A5201 Germane,

Bradford Amendment) while voting for amendments that bottleneck the industry in the failed waivers program administered by the Wolf administration (A5199 Germane, Cutler Amendment).


Overall, Warren stood in the way of the common sense re-opening of real estate in Bucks and the Commonwealth with 5 “no” votes, including a “no” on the final passage. Governor Wolf absolutely agreed with Warren, killing the bill with a veto, preventing hard-working Pennsylvanians from getting back to work. Warren and Wolf did everything they could to take down this common sense legislation – only for the Wolf administration to swoop in with an executive order that achieves the same goals that Rep. Polinchock had drawn up 30 days prior. Can Wolf and Warren only help the state when they are helping themselves look like heroes? Wolf’s executive order was only signed, rather than the bill a REPUBLICAN had worked through the Assembly, because of Rep. Polinchock’s party affiliation – not because it helps the millions of Pennsylvanians suffering under Governor Wolf’s one-size-fits-all top-down governance.


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