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Charlie Adcock

for State Representative, District 31
Family - Community - Faith
Charlie With Constituents!

October 19, 2020

A Letter from Charlie 

Hello. I’m Charlie Adcock. I’m a resident of Newtown Borough and I’m proud to be running for Pennsylvania’s State Representative in District 31. My platform is simple. I will use Common Sense as my guiding principle. Living in a small town, like Newtown Borough, I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to hold real conversations with residents and other locals in the district, as it relates to myself and my opponent. There is a consistent theme I continue to hear in these conversations, and, ironically, was ultimately the reason I decided to run for this office. My opponent seems to lack foresight and has repeatedly failed to make Common Sense decisions for the families of District 31. I believe, with all my heart, these new times we are now having to manage through are too critical to leave our trust in someone who continues to put political allegiances and ambitions, before the priority of maintaining a safe and healthy residential and business community for everyone in our district. As a member of the local Board/Council, my opponent used his new majority vote to reverse an imperative decision that would have allowed the installation of a single security camera at Linton Park. This was after residents petitioned the Council for months and provided several safety reasons and examples explaining why neighborhood children were no longer playing at the park, while out-of-town teenagers were congregating there in large numbers, causing mischief. My opponent discounted and ignored the pleas from neighbors and fellow citizens. Why? Why would a necessary and needed safety measure for neighborhood children playing in the park, even be debatable? For me, the decision to install that camera was Common Sense… It didn't take long for a drug incident to occur at the park. That incident along with others, resulted in the necessary steps to increase the police presence at the Park and throughout the community as well. Ultimately, a neighboring small business, across the street from the park, made the helpful and much-appreciated decision to add the one security camera that had been debated for over a year. The community is so thankful for that small business’ actions to help in safeguarding the park. Common Sense…My opponent was also on the wrong side of the debate over fall baseball at Pickering Field, the iconic baseball diamond nestled within historic Newtown Borough. He and members of his party fiercely fought the Pickering Field’s Baseball League in their efforts to add a few more games to the schedule.

The negativity and pure politics of this sad ordeal had dragged on to the point where the league had considered abandoning the field altogether. And so, yet again, something positive being done for the children and families of the community was being prevented. And again, I ask why? Why not let Common Sense be the guide and recognize the benefits of allowing children and families to, simply, play ball. My opponent dismissed the beauty of this pristine open space and expressed his view that this field of dreams, which has been a staple in this small community for many years, could simply be repurposed to serve other activities, such as a swimming pool which he felt was more appealing. From local Borough Councilor to State Representative, it should come as no surprise that his political agenda has and will continue to affect the community. If you live in District 31, make no mistake, my opponent’s record of doing what is best for him and his party, rather than what is best for the community at large, is heading your way. To your parks. To your ball fields. To your neighborhoods. Want proof? Just last month, as the current State Representative, he would again ignore Common Sense and the endless pleas from local parents who simply want to be spectators at their children's middle and high school sporting events, practices, and games. Why? Is it too much to ask that families be allowed to practice proper distancing, wear a mask, and then have the opportunity to be together with their family to enjoy these moments together? With every passing event, practice, and game that is missed, those memories are lost. Forever. To me, allowing that happen is just simple… Common… Sense. To wrap it up, I believe a State Representative must have an unwavering, clear vision of what decisions and actions will benefit the entirety of the community, in the safest, most cost-conscious fashion. I believe a State Representative must show results, early and often, so as to earn the trust of the community. I believe a State Representative must lead a district in these increasingly uncertain and challenging times without fear, hesitation, and political motives. Lastly, I believe a State Representative must ensure their actions promote security and a positive quality of life in the community in which they live. In short, I believe a State Representative must-have Common Sense. Every single vote counts. Your vote counts. I ask that you please consider coming out on November 3rd and voting for me, Charlie Adcock, as your next State Representative for District 31. Please. Vote for Common Sense.

Thank you. Be well. Be safe.